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Horror prompts #7

I'm back with more horror writing prompts! Here are the next 20!

Prompt 121. A psychiatrist listens, frozen to their chair as the stories their patient reveals spiral darker and darker. They know they aren't going to leave this room alive knowing what they now know.

Prompt 122. Something stirs beneath your bed. You're far too old to believe in supernatural monsters, but what if it's a home invader waiting until you fall asleep? You live alone. Your phone is downstairs.

Prompt 123. There's a new self help book on the market everyone is raving about. Social media full of glowing reviews claiming it changed their life. You buy it, crack open the spine and freeze. This is no ordinary self help book as the cover belies. Some of the instructions involve sacrifice...

Prompt 124. As you research dumb ways to die, a brand new dumb way to die befalls you. The list updates itself.

Prompt 125. The rain is torrential. No human eye can see through it. And yet, your coach driver pushes on. Mud sucks at the wheels, screaming wind whipping around the careening carriage.

Prompt 126. The smell of popcorn fills the theater. The audience is chatting while commercials roll. The lights dim. No trailers play. Instead, it's a film you had prayed was destroyed in obscurity.

Prompt 127. A horror manga from your favorite author arrives. You open the package and reach inside. The cover has an unexpected feel. When you pull it out, it's most definitely not as advertised. Online, you find out you got a rare special edition, but what makes it special chills your soul.

Prompt 128. Rumors circulate about a piece of lost media. A song that legends tell was sung by an artists with their last breath. You've spent your whole life looking for. One day, it starts playing from an empty cassette player under your bed.

Prompt 129. Horror movies are your obsession. Have been since you were six. As an adult, you are finally cast for your first horror role: a final girl. Only, you really will be the final girl by the time the shoot is through.

Prompt 130. Your entire childhood you've been told soda will eat holes in your teeth. They never warned you about the special treats from new neighbors that are currently eroding past your enamel straight to the nerves.

Prompt 131. Someone gifts you your first set of tarot cards. They feel warm to the touch as you shuffle, getting ready to do your first ever spread. Cards pop out of the deck as if begging to be read. Their message, once you flip them over, is an imminent warning.

Prompt 132. Watching a stream online, you get the feeling someone is watching you through the laptop, even though your camera is covered. The screen glitches, showing footage of you from multiple perspectives in your room. Someone has been in your house and planted cameras, streaming you live. But for what purpose?

Prompt 133. Walking down the street at night, you notice a stray cat following you in the shadows. It's eyes glow in the lamp light. Something is off about them, but you can't quite put your finger on it. Until...

Prompt 134. A love potion is for sale in an apothecary. Dust coats it's glass bottle, faded script on the label warning about it's potent properties. The shop keeper seems relieved to get it out of their shop at last, though give you a pitying look as you leave.

Prompt 135. An entire town is obsessed with the Olympics, decorating and gathering for when the runner of the torch passes through. You visit during the festivities, confused. The Olympics were disbanded years ago. Are you stand among the crowd lining the road, the bearer of the undying flame approaches.

Prompt 136. You're an artist whose been asked to paint with a special medium to be supplied by the patron. You did not expect it to arrive in buckets and dripping with something that churns your stomach.

Prompt 137. A pin up photo shoot turns horrific when a crazed fan turns up to the location.

Prompt 138. You don't realize the phone in your pocket isn't yours until an unexpected ringtone blares. You answer it, breath hitching at the voice on the other end claiming to have been your FBI agent all along.

Prompt 139. You start getting strange ads online. Promotions for things that don't pertain to you. Your internet browser starts lagging so you go to clear your cookies and cache. Your search history catches your attention. You didn't look up half the things showing up.

Prompt 140. Creak. Creak. Footsteps in the attic are getting out of hand again. You've told those ghosts off a thousand times. In a huff, you lower the ladder to get up into the dusty attic once more. That's not a ghost.

Happy writing!

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