Twisted Pulp Issue #6

"Soot Scamp" is a sci-fi horror short story.  Damien had never seen the rumored sun, living in a soot labyrinth. Now outcast to the edges of the labyrinth he struggles for survival. Huge monsters skitter, hunting by the sound of their prey's heartbeat. 

Released June 10, 2021.




"Twisted Recovery" is featured in this anthology along side the works of my fellow Horror and Sci-Fi writers of Toronto.  My story is about a mutation that occurs in a crew member on a spaceship.  

Released June 3, 2021.



"Spiderweb" will be featured in this upcoming Hundred Word Horror anthology by Ghost Orchid Press: Cosmos. It releases in 2021. It is about an astronaut whose helmet is compromised.


"Memories in the Void" is also accepted. This one is a Lovecraftian creature consuming the memories of the protagonist. I'll keep you posted when it's actually published. 

Releases May 26, 2021.




"Floaters" will be featured in this upcoming Hundred Word Horror anthology by Ghost Orchid Press: Beneath. It releases in 2021. "Floaters" is about small squiggles floating in the protagonist's eyes forming letters. 

"Screaming Darkness" with all be featured. It takes place in the Paris Catacombs. So excited for you all to read it. Short but full of voice. 

Releases April 28, 2021.



"Frozen Retribution" is a horror short story published in the Shiver anthology Jan 11, 2021. Jack Frost has had enough of humanity. They no longer appreciate his work and have lost their spark of life. After one last chance the humans fail to even notice his winter splendor so he snaps. Blizzards and death flow in his wake. He sucks people under snowbanks and the world shuts down. Mother Nature and Death devise a plan to put the frost sprite in place and bring about justice.




Tiny Shivers is my own horror anthology I am currently working on. It will be filled with flash fictions to make your spines tingle and toes curl. From Cthulhu to Redcaps, the locks of Scotland to American suburban homes, horror is everywhere. Don't know when it will be complete but stay tuned for updates.