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Horror prompts #5

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

The fifth installment of horror prompts galore!

Prompt 81. You secretly live in a museum. The many exhibits are familiar to you, giving you hiding spots from the guards. Your favorite spot is inside an empty sarcophagus, only tonight it is not so empty.

Prompt 82. Mosquitos love your blood. You can feel them every time they drink from you, your skin shriveling and body dehydrating.

Prompt 83. The spaceship is held together by duct tape and prayers. You have landed on an unexplored planetoid and something is knocking on the hatch. It's not the wind.

Prompt 84. You have never taken drugs in your life, yet your body does not feel like it's your own. Your appendages are speaking to you and moving of their own volition.

Prompt 85. You wake up in the medical bay of a spaceship. The oxygen mask is suffocating and you are strapped down to the bed. Something has laid eggs in you and they are about to hatch.

Prompt 86. You are the only person not put into suspended animation on the spaceship to keep the ship running in case of emergency. Only, you are not alone anymore. Something is skittering around in the vents.

Prompt 87. A mad scientist has performed surgery on you to transform you into a grotesque animal. Their vision made real. There is no way to turn you back.

Prompt 88. The group has run out of food. The loudest sounds over the roaring of the wind is the grumbling of your stomachs. The first person dies. What do you do?

Prompt 89. Animals have evolved to have superhuman intelligence and have decided it is time we were their food instead. Human farms pop up all over the planet, inhumane and cruel.

Prompt 90. The fog is so thick you cannot see your own hand in front of your face. Toxic gasses color it strange hues. Hallucinations drive you to the brink of insanity as faces and hands morph in the mist, touching you.

Prompt 91. Your nephew has been replaced by a fae. Your sister cannot see it, but she rarely pays close attention to him. Your family's luck turns, animals die, and you are afraid you are next.

Prompt 92. You are out of work, the economy having taken a turn for the worse. The government starts to offer jobs. They are always hiring. For some reason, the positions always re-open a few days after being filled. No one is retiring.

Prompt 93. In the old mansion, shadows move of their own volition. Candles make it worse because they think they can get away with it more. Only in complete darkness are you safe. Too bad you need the warmth of a fire to survive.

Prompt 94. The church bells toll for those who died. They toll for you, yet somehow you can still hear them.

Prompt 95. Bats fly out of the cave, retreating before the evil. An evil which inhabits an ancient relic you are carrying out of the dampness and into your home.

Prompt 96. Sometimes death is better. In death you do not have to listen to others scream, feel the hunger pains as you starve, or be too tired to curse your oppressor for keeping you awake through everything they put you through. You can no longer pass out from the pain. It engulfs you.

Prompt 97. Your soul leaves you body at night to travel in the in-between where creatures of folklore roam. Tonight, you meet the creature you have feared the most, having listened to stories of them from your grandmothers lap.

Prompt 98. When you paint, you go into a creative trance. The brushes seem to move themselves and the colors come naturally to you. Last year your muse left you. How are you going to get them back? What will you sacrifice?

Prompt 99. A skull sits on your mantle. You tell them everything about your day, what went wrong, all your darkest secrets. One night, a witch steals it and learns everything you have ever deigned to say to the seemingly empty skull. Vengeance is theirs.

Prompt 100. You never get your packages. The delivery notices you get say they were hand delivered or signed for, yet you have never gotten a single parcel. Finally, one night, you get to watch the security tapes and see what is really happening.

Happy writing!

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