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Gates of Ascension is a sci-fi stand alone novel being drafted in 2021. The oligarchy remains steadfast in it's rule of one religion (worshiping the aliens on the other side of the stargates), their policies becoming more extreme by the year. Those who choose to rebel flee past the Kuiper belt of their solar system to form an alliance and raid the shipping lanes until the opportunity to strike is presented by one of their spies. Follow the stories of a rebel pilot, a pilot of the oligarchy and an oracle priestess as they weave their way through the life and death politics and missions to reveal the true intentions of the oligarchy and those who rule from the shadows. Brainwashing, dog fights, blinding visions from Elder Gods through mysterious gates and much more await these three heroes.

Watercolor Planets Memoir_Inspirational

Souls of Atua

Souls of Atua.jpg

When Natia Latu escapes death she is cursed with the ability to see those whom death has taken but not returned.  Now, as a 17 year old apprentice healer she learns the way of the master taulasea to diagnose and treat those of the underwater colony left alive from the epidemic.  Strange symptoms begin appearing and rumors are flying fast amongst the dead.  A murder is committed and Natia must work fast to cure the witnesses and find the culprit before the atrocity is pinned on her.  

If you are interested in beta reading or becoming a critique partner, please contact me.  I have finished draft three and would welcome feedback of any kind.  At this point in time it is complete at 73 thousand words.  It's a YA paranormal, sci-fi.  

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