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Horror prompts #4

More horror prompts! Been having a scream of a time coming up with this, so... fourth installment here we go! Some have romantic themes in honor of the Valentine's Day. So scary.

Prompt 61. You are on a first date with someone whom you have never met before. The date is in public, you're not stupid. They seem to be having a hard time conveying emotions. As you both begin to leave the building, you notice a clever closure keeping their skin together.

Prompt 62. The love of your life has passed away. Somehow they arranged for you to still be delivered flowers even after they crossed the veil. Only now, you have found out someone else has been sending you those flowers, chocolates and niceties. Someone with sinister intentions.

Prompt 63. A woman who stalked you for years thinking you were in love with them has just been released from the asylum. They never actually took their meds.

Prompt 64. You hear a tapping coming from the inside of the mirror when you are half asleep, and only when you are half asleep. A shadowy hand with a pale skeletal finger with a long broken nail keeps up the staccato rhythm. One night, that tapping suddenly stops with a crack. You look to the reflection and notice a hole where the tapping has bored through the glass. Something is oozing through to your side.

Prompt 65. A voice like velvet calls your phone every night. Its soothing melody lulls you into a feeling of safety and warmth. Even when it starts talking about the horrible things it will do to you and details about where you live, you cannot break the spell. Tonight, the voice is emanating from outside your door.

Prompt 66. You draw things from your nightmares for art therapy. Only, the more you draw them, the stronger they get. Your attention feeds them and now they are strong enough to walk in daylight.

Prompt 67. Love at first sight. A serial killer is smitten with you and kills girls who look like you, warming up to the real thing.

Prompt 68. A killer wants to connect with people. To accomplish this, they eat the heart and brain of their victims, trying to absorb their emotions and way of thinking. The more they eat, the more their own mind unravels.

Prompt 69. Halloween night has a harvest moon. You are on a date in a corn maze. Something is tailing you through the dry stalks, rustling them as they move.

Prompt 70. You are traveling down a lonely road and come to an abandoned town. The air is thick with dust inside each home you peak into. Skeletal remains of the inhabitants are frozen in mid motion: eating, doing cores, watching tv, napping. As you continue your exploration, a siren wail pierces the air.

Prompt 71. You are forced to sit in a chair and watch the world unfold around you. You have no influence on anything despite your desperate yearning.

Prompt 72. Your bones break and your body shifts into the shape and biology of another creature. Your human mind slips to the back as the animal takes over. Your small child is next to you, vulnerable.

Prompt 73. No-one believes you when you say your neighbor is acting suspicious. Your neighbor hears you talking to your only friend, planning a way to catch them in the act. The neighbor slips a note under your door.

Prompt 74. You answer a lonely hearts advertisement in the newspaper. You correspond for a few weeks. They seem wonderful and just your type. Tonight is the night you will meet in person for the first time. The meeting location turns out to be a meat packing plant.

Prompt 75. Cemeteries have always brought you peace. You walk their rows and picnic amongst the dead that listen to your problems without complaint. Only, tonight, the dead do complain.

Prompt 76. You are finally a published author. Your book is doing well, only now you have writers block and the publishers are looking for the sequel. Your life begins to spiral.

Prompt 77. You are livestreaming and an EVP comes through. You cannot hear it but the audience can. Your shadows begin to move in the background.

Prompt 78. A person is very attractive but will only date you if you become more beautiful. What do you sell/do to lose the weight and afford the glam? You gain the sinister attention of something/someone else as well as your potential suitor.

Prompt 79. A ghost has been haunting your home. You keep him out of your room by wedging a knife in your bedroom door. Today, when you wake up, the knife is no longer there.

Prompt 80. Necromancy runs in the family. You learned in from your grandparent who warned to look out for a certain type of creature that lurks in the realm between the living and the dead. Now, you have finally seen the creature and they have seen you.

Happy writing!

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