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Horror prompts #6

I'm back with more horror writing prompts! We are breaking over 100 now!

Prompt 101. The woods are foggy. Cicadas silence their songs. Clouds darken the waning moon. Ahead of you a cabin appears, a single light can be seen burning through a blown glass window.

Prompt 102. As you wander the woods, you accidentally toe a bear trap. It slams shut on open air with a deafening rattle. A yard away, you see another. You are in a minefield of hunter country.

Prompt 103. It's rumored that a barbaric family lives in the caves out in the countryside of the town you just moved to. It's late and you are lost. Your shoes are being pulled into the muddy mores when you hear an uncanny bird call. You freeze, skin tingling in anticipation. Another whistling call answers, even closer to you.

Prompt 104. A few classmates have found an abandoned theme park on the outskirts of town. You are now invited to join their latest expedition inside the Carnaval de la Folie: Carnival of Madness.

Prompt 105. You are on a Ferris Wheel alone. A ghost appears in the seat next to you.

Prompt 106. April Fools Day, your day to finally get back at your friend. Only, your best laid plans go horribly wrong. Carnage, a police hunt, and the occult were not what you had in mind.

Prompt 107. You set up a security camera in your home. It does not work as expected, so you call for someone to come help. Once they leave and you log onto your home security camera, it's looking into a house not your own.

Prompt 108. You finally invest in a home camera to watch your dog while you are at work. When you try to pair it to your phone, multiple cameras pair with disturbing angles around your home.

Prompt 109. It's your sixth birthday party. A strange man in black is lurking on the other side of the backyard fence. His sinister teeth reflect your candles as you blow them out. He vanishes with the curling smoke of the wish.

Prompt 110. Thunk. Thunk. Dirt falls on the coffin you are being buried alive in. The smell of soil fills your nostrils. Your eyes can see nothing. All you have is a pistol with a single bullet.

Prompt 111. You are on a train. The person across from you has their phone out. They seem to be recording you.

Prompt 112. The spaceship drifts in the void, engines dead and radio silent. You and the crew are running out of food. The first person dies of starvation.

Prompt 113. You're in a coffee shop in a bustling capital city. The music drifts over the chatting customers seated at small tables. Cups clack intermittently while the steamer is incessant. The radio is interrupted with an emergency announcement. Outside, a gunshot goes off.

Prompt 114. You are a bus driver. An older woman with an interesting, custom walker comes on board. You lower the bus so she can climb aboard easier. Once inside, instead of handing over change she draws a gun. You are being hijacked.

Prompt 115. You wake up in a room, the only light coming from a boarded up window. There are three other people with you, in the other corners. The room starts to move.

Prompt 116. The advertisements you see seem to be learning and getting more specific to you. The tv is advertising things you were looking at the day before. Now they are calling you by name. Your family is shown acting out fantastical scenarios you could never afford.

Prompt 117. An add on Craigslist seems promising. The price is almost too good to be true so you contact the seller and agree on a time. You let someone know where and when you are going, just in case. It wasn't enough.

Prompt 118. The scented candle smells familiar. It takes you a while to place it, but when you do, your blood turns to ice.

Prompt 119. You can't sleep. That's not unusual. What is unusual, is that now your significant other can't wake up.

Prompt 120. Halloween night. You collect candy trick or treating all night. At last, you can finally dive into your loot. Your parents turn the news on while you sort the stash. After you take your fist bite, a news story starts. A house in your neighborhood has been raided for giving out tainted candy.

Happy writing!

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