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Horror prompts #2

Here are some more horror prompts! I love writing the first list and so I decided to continue to write more of them. Second installment here we go!

Prompt 21. You go to write in your journal only to find that the day has already been filled out with things you have no recollection of doing. The events you supposedly have done grow more sinister as days progress.

Prompt 22. The imaginary friend you had as a child is back. The little boy hasn't be around since you went through that exorcism years ago.

Prompt 23. A child is possessed and grows an apatite for the unusual. Scientists are baffled as the child wains away while gorging themselves on their strange food of choice.

Prompt 24. A teacher decides to form a cult and inducts their students into it. The kids are too afraid to say anything to their parents. Rituals become stranger and more dangerous.

Prompt 25. You work at a carnival fun house where strange mannequins are in every room. Some seem to move. After an incident, you find out the mannequins were actually preserved bodies.

Prompt 26. A person lies in bed all day for weeks on end. Their body starts to mold to the bed and fuses to it, becoming one with the furniture. Forever doomed to the same position and room, never to move again.

Prompt 27. You get lost in a forest so thick it swallows your screams. No animal life can be heard and the sky is darkened by the dense foliage. At length, something finally screams back.

Prompt 28. Ever since you were a child, a shadow figure has shown up in photographs behind you. As the years progress it gets closer and closer to you. It now has its hand on your shoulder, its maw gaping wide.

Prompt 29. The neighbor next door always let you play in your joined backyards and dig holes to find treasure. It's later that you realized all the holes you dug that he filled in were occupied by missing children.

Prompt 30. During a home renovation you open up a wall to find interesting remains and bags of spices and paraphernalia. A witch had placed them in the home centuries ago to keep something at bay. You are no longer protected.

Prompt 31. A large oak tree behind your house has iron chains around it. At night they rattle and the sound of something trying to break free fills you with dread. One chill morning the chain is broken.

Prompt 32. You work in a museum where a porcelain doll is on display. Its human hair and animal teeth keep growing.

Prompt 33. In a fit of rage, you do a binding spell on an enemy witch. They have strong enough protections in place causing it to rebound. You are now at the mercy of a rival coven.

Prompt 34. The house you live in is haunted by civil war ghosts. One night you wake up to musket shots and cannon fire. The ghostly weapons are affecting the real world and you are in danger.

Prompt 35. At school, no one will go into the last stall of the girls bathroom on the second floor. It is said to be haunted. It's an emergency and the only stall available is the last stall with graffiti that creaks with laughter when you open the door.

Prompt 36. You work at a prison sorting the mail for men on death row. You keep passing along letters from lonely hearts and young fans. On day, when flipping though, you find a letter with no stamp from one inmate's first victim that died over ten years ago.

Prompt 37. When driving through the desert, speeding, the bed of your truck dips. You look in the rearview mirror and see sunken eyes that reflect the moon red.

Prompt 38. Your purse is so large you aren't even sure what all is in it. Once again you can't find your keys and decide to dump all the contents out. Amongst the Kleenex, Chapstick, Altoids and water bottle, an object you have never seen before tumbles out.

Prompt 39. A large pool of blood is discovered in a classroom with no trail or apparent victim. It reappears every day despite the janitor cleaning it up. Finally, one morning, a hidden passageway in the school walls is discovered, its insides containing what appears to be the original victim.

Prompt 40. Every time you sleep there is a weight on your chest. One night, you experience sleep paralysis and see what is sitting there, staring into your frozen eyes.

Happy writing!

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