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Horror prompts #3

The saga of horror and spine tingles continues! Twenty more

Prompt 41. Your reflection in the mirror is different than how your face feels when you run your hands along its planes.

Prompt 42. Every time you die you wake up a different person, an adult you have never met before. You have no memories of this new persons life each time you start in inhabit a new one. All you know is, They will find you once again.

Prompt 43. There is an illustrated book passed down in your family where the main character will change to look like whomever is reading it. Each family member meet the same grizzly fate as the illustrations foretell. Today, you inherit it and can't resist taking a peek.

Prompt 44. A mysterious late will from your mother has come to light. It alludes to possible foul play that is unproven. You recognize the names of the signed witnesses from somewhere but can't quite place them until it is too late.

Prompt 45. Needles. Your worst fear is all you can see as one approaches your eye stuck wide open, the sterile lights blinding your peripherals. You scream.

Prompt 46. You go to visit a sick friend who is just home from the hospital. You have a terrible sense of direction. After walking into your friend's house you call out to them. A strange man with a large dog walks into the room. You are in the wrong house and will not be leaving.

Prompt 47. You find an old tape recorder in the attic of your grandparent's house. You blow the dust off it which dances in swirls, lit by the bare bulb. You decide to press play.

Prompt 48. The ski lodge is all snowed in, the inhabitants clinging to each other for warmth. As the people freeze, the demons thaw. Imaginations, hallucinations and the paranormal run wild.

Prompt 49. Fall leaves flutter in the October wind. You take a shortcut through a park to get home. You hear the crunching of leaves behind you. Taking a quick look back, you notice a man in a mask has started following you.

Prompt 50. Demons who worship pain have selected you to be their next sacrifice. Your skin flays and the torture drags on. You are awake through the entire process. You cannot escape, even in death.

Prompt 51. Candle lights flicker and shrouds ripple along their entombed furniture. The house that killed it's last inhabitants is getting new sacrifices. The caretakers grin in solemn glee as they hand over the well worn skeleton keys, their duty done for another season.

Prompt 52. Your seven-year-old child just brutally killed someone in your home. The blood pools on the carpet, forever staining it. They say you are next.

Prompt 53. You are the lead singer of a gothic metal band. The demons you write and sing about are given life. They crawl around your home and studio, whispering in your ears, telling you terrible things.

Prompt 54. Camping was always supposed to be fun with friends. Unfortunately, while talking around the illuminating campfire, one of your friend's dark secret comes to light to haunt you all.

Prompt 55. Graveyards are usually for the dead; rotting, decaying, writhing with insects. Tonight, the new moon hides its face from the horrors below as the cemetery becomes a place of rebirth.

Prompt 56. A necromancer made a deal with Death to prolong their own life many centuries ago. For years they have traveled the earth, performing dark rituals at their leisure. Tonight, the payment is due. And no one can hide from Death.

Prompt 57. A skeleton with skin stretched taut over its bones makes its way to you, leaning on a walking stick, dragging its feet. Reaching out a spindly finger it points to you and says the sentence you have dreaded hearing your whole life.

Prompt 58. You are chained to a wall as something creeps closer to you. It starts in the shadows but slowly makes its way into the beam of moonlight. You scream, but no one listens. It continues its approach. You are helpless.

Prompt 59. A mysterious door is in the alleyway next to your apartment. The wood and stonework give off an eerie feeling, like you shouldn't even touch it. One day, as you pass by the alleyway entrance you notice the door is open a crack.

Prompt 60. You are on vacation and become lost in the winding side streets. A mist has rolled in obscuring the world around you. In the distance, a dilapidated cathedral rises, it's lights setting the fog ablaze. Who is tending to a building in such disrepair? Who/what do they worship?

Happy writing!

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