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Horror prompts #1

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

I have been writing horror for half a year now and have come up with some fun horror prompts I would like to share. Feel free to use and let your imaginations run wild.

Prompt 1. A hoarder house has been seized by the bank. Those going through the belongings find an entrance to another dimension. What is released now that the blockage is removed?

Prompt 2. The wind is tired of being blamed for everything that goes bump in the night and decides to actually be the culprit for once.

Prompt 3. In a small quiet town, a knocking can be heard. The townsfolk follow it to realize it's emanating from a filled in grave in the oldest cemetery by the crumbling church.

Prompt 4. A small girl with a lantern cries out for help in a dusty, run down town. You run to her only to realize she is an animated lure connected to a deadly creature specialized in hunting humans.

Prompt 5. A race of humanoids have never seen sunlight. They live by bioluminescence alone, hiding from deadly creatures that hunt by sight. One day, a glowing ember falls into their midst.

Prompt 6. A mob writhes at the prison gates and condemns a man to death. They rally and rejoice in his execution, only to find out he was innocent. Do they care?

Prompt 7. A creature scrambles on all fours around the camp complex, feasting on the horrors around it, the pain of those interred. The longer the camp is open, the larger and more haunting the creature becomes.

Prompt 8. The gas mask fuses to my face, the fumes around me intoxicating, transforming my entire platoon into creatures of death and destruction.

Prompt 9. The devil dances with his followers, those not of the cult purged at last from the village.

Prompt 10. Cthulhu rises from the ocean deep, his followers there to greet him. What visions do they see as madness takes over their wakeful conscious? What sounds do they hear as the world comes to an end?

Prompt 11. An alien race has taken over the planet, enslaving humanity yet keeping them in the dark about the actual state of things. You keep getting flashes of reality, glitches in the matrix and think you are going insane.

Prompt 12. You have the ability to see when people will die. What do you do with that knowledge? Who would you tell? Would you try to save anyone from the inevitable?

Prompt 13. A creature lives off the potential energy of the human bonds it severs. It latched itself to you and keeps taking away those you love.

Prompt 14. You are not sure anything you see is real so you go to a psychiatrist for medication. What fades away and what sticks around?

Prompt 15. You believe in the boogeyman so much that he obliges and manifests, haunting you relentlessly. Those around you begin to have better luck and their lives are looking up now that he doesn't concentrate on them as well. What can you do to shake the immortal boogieman?

Prompt 16. You collect stamps. A letter has come in the mail with a stamp from a country that does not exist. You know because a relative in an insane asylum claims to have escaped from there and you looked it up.

Prompt 17. You have inherited a writing desk from your great uncle, a prolific writer. As you leave your unfinished romance manuscript at night on the desk something or someone continues writing where you left off, twisting your tales into gruesome horror.

Prompt 18. All your life you have been annoyed that you can't close your ears like your mouth to keep things from getting in. Tonight you wish with all your might for that ability as your worst nightmares come to life.

Prompt 19. A tattoo parlor has very low prices but their work is fabulous quality. After your appointment you find out the artist is a voodoo priestess and your new ink is cursed. That night it begins to whisper to you while changes are wrought. What was the true price?

Prompt 20. A faint ringing in your ears has been growing louder over the last few days. The doctor says it's tinnitus and to drown it out with music, only now the music is morphing into strange languages the same timber as the ringing.

Happy writing!

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