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Twisted Tendrils Podcast

I've taken the plunge and started a podcast called Twisted Tendrils: Horrific Writing Advice. It's advice for writing horror, but sometimes writing in general. Just scripted the fifth episode tonight and am going to record the audio. Here's the episode line up so far.

Season 1 Teaser: What to expect. (Apr 1)

Episode 1: Who Am I? Why Horror? (Apr 1)

Episode 2: Atmosphere: How Do? (Apr 1)

Episode 3: 12 Literary Devices: Anthropomorphism and Other Spooky Techniques (Apr 8)

Episode 4: Fear of the Unknown (Apr 15)

Episode 5: Writing With The Five Senses (Apr 22)

Episode 6: Filling The Creative Well (Apr 29)

Available Here:

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