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4 Stories Accepted!

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Hello all. I am pleased to announce that my four 100 word horror stories were accepted and will be published in two of Ghost Orchid Press' anthologies. "Floaters" and "Screaming Darkness" will be in the Beneath anthology. "Spiderweb" and "Memories in the Void" will be in their Cosmos anthology. Both are slated to come out this year. I'll keep my horror projects tab updated when the actual release date is announced.

"Floaters" is about small squiggles floating in the protagonist's eyes forming letters.


"Screaming Darkness" takes place in the Paris


"Spiderweb" is about an astronaut whose helmet is compromised.


"Memories in the Void" is a Lovecraftian creature consuming the memories of the protagonist. I'll keep you posted when it's actually published.

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