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Run (May Promptathon #6)

PROMPT: He hadn’t been known as Hiroshi for months.

Time 18 Minutes


By Laura Nettles


The name made his blood run cold. The hair on the back of his neck prickled. Don’t react, he thought. Hiroshi is dead. He can’t be referring to me.

He hadn’t been known as Hiroshi for months. Eleven to be precise. Not since he staged his death and went into witness protection.

The man stepped into the ryokan’s hotel room the man formerly known as Hiroshi was staying in. The wooden frame of the door clacked as he shut it behind him.

“You can’t fool the yakuza, Hiroshi. We have men on the inside.”

In terror, he turned his head to take in the large, hulking man. He dared not get up from his bed roll. He wanted to hide deeper in the covers.

Jirobo’s traditional Japanese tattoos peeked out from his shirt that was opened one button too low. An intimidation tactic, as tattoos were outlawed and could get the mountain of a man arrested. As if the police even stood a chance arresting him.

“Jirobo.” The word was clay on not Hiroshi’s tongue. He could barely get it out it was so heavy and unsavory.

“The boss sends his regards.” With a mighty slash, a hidden sword appeared from inside his western suit, slicing through the air and Hiroshi in one fell swoop. Arterial spray drenched the tatami mats and rice paper walls. The white forever crimson.

On the floor, the dead man’s cell flashed with a new text message from his caretaker. The screen lighting up before dimming forever as Jirobo’s booted foot came down upon it. The final message: run.

The End

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