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My first completed film is released!  This was a monster of a project with me lighting over 90 shots.  From April to December 2016 I lived and breathed dark creatures.  Most of my work on the killing floor sequence with the grotesque Bloodshot as my baby.  Integrating him into a strobbing environment where the human characters are wielding flashlights was a fun challenge.  There was a lot of animating the light passes in nuke to sync up the flashes with those in the plate.  Another challenge was the fast pace editing.  My shots ranged from 2 frames in the cut to 150 frames.  With some of these shots so fast, we had to break from the lighting set up we had to make things as readable as possible on a shot to shot basis even if they were only going to a blip on the screen.  (All while trying to keep the monsters hidden and mysterious at points when they had not yet been fully revealed.) Environments were a blast as well with the couple of city shots I got to light on top of all the creature work. The majority of the run away transporter sequence was also a challenge trying to cheat perspective with lighting. The creature were lit in Maya while environments were done in Houdini.  Light comps utilized Nuke.

In this trailer my shots occur at 1:03, 1:10, 1:14, 1:41, 1:45, 1:48-49, 2:12-13

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