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Jewel Thief (May Promptathon #3)

PROMPT: Quicksand, Diamond, Bow Tie

Time 25 Minutes

Jewel Thief

The diamond twinkle in her eye glinted across the ballroom floor. The politics were as thick as quicksand and just as deadly.

At the far end of the dance floor, the spy adjusted his bow tie and masquerade mask, while secretly making sure the tiny cameras were still in place. Tonight, was the night he would catch the illusive jewel thief: Rovinia the Enchanting.

Rovinia listened to a duke and ambassador talk while eyeing up the jewels on a crusted saber to her left. It was on the hip of a foreign general. Surely, he would not miss a ruby or two.

Her gloved hand slid towards her target. Magnets in the fingertips and extendable pliers between the seams. Child’s play.

“Ahem, Miss.”

Rovinia retracted her hand and turned to see a suave gentleman behind her. A beautifully detailed blue mask of a cunning creature with a hooked beak looked her up and down as the man wearing it bowed. The carved grin seemed eager and pleased to have found her.

“May I have this dance?” the man asked.

“I don’t dance, sir. I’m sure someone else would love to have the honor.”

“Please, madam. I insist.” His voice was slightly louder than necessary, catching the attention of the general she was trying to rob. She had to now to avoid a commotion.

“Very well.”

The man extended his hand and led her to the dance floor. Her own red mask of a sun goddess reflected the chandeliers brilliantly. The fire opals around her neck flashed as well. Her floor length dress mimicked rising flames of red and black embracing her curves and flaring out behind her, like a swirling conflagration.

“Well, Ms. Rovinia. What are you doing at a place like this?” the agent asked cordially.

“Jasper. Should have known it was you.” Her eyes flashed as his hands slid up her gloves, removing them from her. The custom tools confiscated yet again.

“You really shouldn’t be here,” she whispered. I have information that an assassination is to take place tonight.”

“Oh, and you were here just to make use of the confusion in the after math.”

She daintily shrugged her shoulder while they spun together across the floor. “Well. Couldn’t help myself, now could I?”

“Who is to be assassinated?” He leaned into her neck and asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” She tilted her head back, out of his reach.

“I could get you a deal. Reduce your sentence if you help us stop a murder.”

“The Viscount. In two minutes.”

He left her on the dance floor to do his duty, hustling and waving those in the detail to his side. She was gone once again by the time he looked back. So were her gloves.

The End

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